Selecting the perfect speaker for your upcoming real estate event is an important decision. Entrepreneur, short-term real estate owner, multi-family real estate investor, and author Matt Ward will bring value to your event with his extensive experience and unique perspective around caring, connecting and networking in real estate.

In addition to being an author, Matt has been involved in real estate since 1999. He has been an active vacation rental investor and residential real estate investor. Throughout his career as CEO of a website agency and professional speaker, he’s worked with numerous organizations in the real estate industry including Remax Nashua New Hampshire, Keller Williams offices in Massachusetts and Delaware, the North Central Mass Association of Realtors, and the Vacation Rental Success Summit in Toronto Canada.

The real estate industry and the sector as a whole have been and continue to be faced with challenging times, not unlike other industries. The internet is disrupting the world of real estate on a regular basis. Matt’s extensive experience as CEO of a website and social media agency gives him the insight necessary to guide attendees how to shift from pushing out information via social media and contributing to the noise and disruption, to a more focused approach of using social media to gain intelligence (Social Media Espionage, as he calls it) and connect in more deeper and meaningful ways with their contacts.

Change is inevitable, and it’s a crucial step in establishing long-lasting connections that produce more word of mouth referrals.

Because Matt Ward brings industry experience and combines that with his agency experience, he has a unique perspective and understand the language used within the real estate industry.

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Northwest Vacation Rental Professionals


Matt is an excellent speaker. He brings the topic to life. By asking you to think of examples in your own life and how you felt with different levels of customer service. He helps you to realize how to stand out with your clients. The little things you can do that leave a lasting impression on someone, just by showing you care. – Tina Landry – Keller Williams Realty



Matt’s talks are interactive, full of stories, and entertaining.


Entrepreneurial Experience that relates to your audience


Matt cares deeply about the success of your event.

Fresh Ideas

Ideas that impact your organization’s bottom line.

“He knocked it out of the park!”

David Parker

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